X Ray Tech Programs That Will Grant You a Worthless Diploma!

Did you know there are X Ray Tech Programs that are complete shams? You may not know this but operating for-profit schools is big money. These schools seem legit, but everything about them is a scam!
X Ray Tech Programs

If you want to become a highly paid X-Ray Technician, the process starts with you ferreting through the numerous X Ray Tech Programs until you find the one that suits your career aspirations.

You want to study at the best possible school possible because there will be other graduates competing with you for the available positions.

Hence, you have to outshine them where it counts. How do you prove to employers that you are the best candidate for the job?

  • You graduate in the top five percentile of your class
  • You study at an accredited medical school
  • You graduate from a revered / prestigious medical program
  • You obtain a Bachelor’s Degree versus an Associate Degree
  • You participated in an Internship Program

The above factors play a critical role in how employers decide on who they believe to be the best candidate for their X Ray Technician job openings.

Simply studying at a certain school can easily improve your chances of getting any of the best jobs in this field. Now that we have established the foundation, let’s talk about how to closely examine potential schools.

x ray tech diploma mills
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Do The X Ray Technician Programs You're Looking At Have These Problems?

Our first example is, “The College Of Health Care Professions” located in Austin, Texas. We took a picture of Yelp reviews written by former students and prospective students. Take note of what these students are saying.

The College Of Health Care Professions Reviews

As stated above, there were other bad reviews on that same page. Students were saying things such as:

I do not recommend this school to anyone. First of all, it's super expensive for a lesser degree than you would get at ACC. ACC is harder to get into, but trust me, it's much cheaper and the associates in radiology is so much better. Second, their credits do NOT transfer.

So if you decide to go to more schooling later on then you have to start completely over. Here is the thing, if you owe them money (even if you are in a payment plan with them and have been paying religiously) they will NOT give you your transcript until you pay it off.

This is bull to me because they are now holding you back from furthering your education.

Thomas K. - Round Rock, TX  - 8/15/2014

Here is another scathig review.

Ok don't even get me started, first of all after every mod you do a survey. I did my survey and listed my complaints. I got called in on a Friday by Mrs Murillo and Mrs Swenson just to be harassed about what I wrote on the survey. Its wasn’t at all about my grades as stated. They found a loop hole. If you Tell Mrs Williams something in confidence she will go right up there and breech confidentiality. If you write one thing negative you will be called into the office and be harassed and cornered. If you want corporates number good expletive luck! They won't give it out. They will do anything to avoid giving it out. But its ok I've found loop holes to. So with all this going on I think it’s safe to say I qualify for a refund. Or I'll be the first person to hire a lawyer. This school is absolutely awful! Do not go here! You can go to ACC and get a RT license for the same price you'd pay just for a certificate here. Oh and you can't transfer any completed courses because it’s just a certificate. Just like most of the majors here. Even if you complete you can't work at a hospital only clinics. You have to go to another school anyhow. It’s all lies from your first foot step in the door. This place needs to be shut down. The only teacher worth a hoot is Mr. Whitley.

Tabitha H. - Austin, TX - 6/26/2015

One point needs to be made crystal clear; this is not about the above college. The point here is, “Performing your due diligence!” Just because a college, university or a technical school is in the business and has hundreds of students, does not mean it is:

  • An accredited school
  • A great school
  • A school recognized by employers
  • A school in good standing with the State that it operates in
  • A school in good standing with US Department Of Education

This is why you need to vet any and every potential school. When it comes to the business of educating students, scams do abound. These schools are banking on tens of thousands of potential students NOT performing their due diligence. Things to look out for are diploma mills!

X Ray Tech Programs And Diploma Mills

A diploma mill is a business that operates under the guise of being an educational institution. Their objective is to grant certificates, Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and PhD Degrees in bulk. Meaning, they want to issue a boat load of certificates and degrees.

The problem with these diploma mills is twofold. First, anyone with cash, or who takes out loans, will qualify to be admitted.

They literally don’t care if you are horrible at math, don’t know what physics is, and/or have never taken any biology classes, they will place you in a Radiation Therapy course.

These businesses have one goal in mind; they strive to stay in business until and unless they are shut down. Until and unless that happens, they will continue providing dramatically inferior education at an extremely high price. The individuals who fall for these schools are lured in by:

  • The promise of low academic admission standards
  • The promise of quickly obtaining a certificate or degree
  • The promise that everyone qualifies for admittance
  • The promise that you will gain credits based on your life experiences
  • The promise that you will gain credits based on your work experiences
  • The promise of high job placement rates

These schools are highly deceptive in their advertising. Instead of saying they are, “Accredited” they use terms such as, “Approved.” Or, they may assert that they are accredited, but what they don’t clarify is that they “OWN” the accrediting organizations, which are known as accreditation mills.

The best X Ray Tech programs are only found at legitimate educational institutions that are accredited by legitimate accrediting organizations. Remember, perform your due diligence. Check out each and every school. Never assume that a school is legit.