3 Awesome Things About The American Association of Medical Dosimetrist

Are you curious about the AAMD, the American Association of Medical Dosimetrist? If so, we have all of the information you need, brought to you by the folks at Radiation Therapy Schools.
AAMD-American Association Of Medical Dosimetrist

What is the AAMD (American Association of Medical Dosimetrist)?

There are two facets to this amazing organization; the AAMD and the AAMD Foundation.

Prior to taking a brief look at what they do, we need to understand and ascertain why their existence is vital to Radiation Therapy, oncology and healthcare.

Ask any Medical Dosimetrists about this vocation and they will tell you that it takes tremendous preparation, a congealed dedication, incredible patience, compassion and a pretty good IQ.

If that wasn’t enough, one must also be the epitome of a student and learner, great at math and have a genuine heart to help heal the sick. Consequently, embracing this demanding vocation is not for the faint at heart.

Due the arduous road to become a Medical Dosimetrist, there needed to be a clear pathway designed to help these men and women achieve their dreams.

When this field begin to evolve, there was no real support system in place that aspiring Dosimetrists could plug into and obtain the guidance, educational assistance and encouragement they needed.

The American Association of Medical Dosimetrist fills the void Dosimetrist used to experience. It is one of the strongest, most effective organizations advocating for Medical Dosimetrists and the advancement of this ever-evolving science of treating patients with radiation.

Things To Know About The American Association Of Medical Dosimetrist

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, this organization is an established international society that was developed to support and promote the MD (Medical Dosimetry) profession. If you are an MD, Medical Dosimetrist, this program offers concentrated opportunities for learning, and improving your skills.

This intense medium is designed to influence interaction in one of the most specialized health care societies. If you are in training to become a Medical Dosimetrist, the AAMD should be viewed as a critical component of your future.

The American Association Of Medical Dosimetrist is setting the standard for professional conduct for Dosimetrists. It is one of the most comprehensive resources for education, networking, and industry news anywhere in the world.

Members strive for the type of high-quality patient care that everyone can be proud of. As an AAMD Member, you become part of a definitive voice that advocates for this profession like no other. Below is a summary of some the benefits of membership.

  • Networking With Other MDs
  • Career Assistance
  • Industry Updates
  • Industry Publications
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Live Webinars
  • Regional Meetings
  • Annual Meetings
  • Membership Directory
  • Approved Credits For MDCB

Of all the membership benefits of the American Association Of Medical Dosimetrist, one that stands out as an invaluable asset is the ability to network with other Medical Dosimetrists.

One simply cannot place a monetary figure on this benefit. In this close knit, challenging vocation, being able to connect with your peers is essential to your success. What are the membership dues? The annual membership ranges from $80.00 up to $375.00, depending on if you are a student or a corporate member.

The AAMD Foundation

  • The AAMD foundation was developed in 2007 and it obtained its IRS 501 (C) (3) status in 2009.
  • The objective of the AAMD Foundation is to utilize E&R (Education and Research) to enhance cancer care and provide quality treatment for patients who receive radiation treatment.

Per their Mission and Vision statement, the AAMD Foundation is geared to support, educated, promote and empower up and coming Medical Dosimetrists. They accomplish this objective through concentrated education and research.

The American Association Of Medical Dosimetrist Foundation provides invaluable scholarships to the men and women who have demonstrated that they are dedicated to this career path.

The candidates will be reviewed and accepted by the AAMD Foundation for the Training & Practice of Medical Dosimetry. To date, the foundation has awarded 73 recipients with close to $190k dollars in scholarships. That scholarship money speaks volumes to the level of commitment made by the American Association of Medical Dosimetrist Foundation.

What Is a Dosmetrist?

The MD (Medical Dosimetrist) is a radiation oncology team member who has been educated and trained in the clinical applicability of radiation oncology. They have the necessary skill sets to handle all the equipment, machines, science and technology associated with administering radiation.

That means, these men and women have the expertise to generate radiation dose calculations and distributions in unification with the radiation oncologist and medical physicist. And that, in a nutshell is the American Association Of Medical Dosimetrist, and that’s why they’re awesome!