How To Become A Radiation Therapist And Save The World!

Are you wondering how to Become A Radiation Therapist? If so, you probably have several questions, like what are the college requirements? Do I need to be certified after graduating? What are the available jobs? We’ll answer those questions and more...
How To Become A Radiation Therapist

The path on how to become a Radiation Therapist can be an exciting journey for many prospective therapists. The high salary, and the rewarding work can be a positive eye-opener for some, leaning them towards investing heavily in this career.

If you are wondering about the college requirements, why you must have a radiation therapy certification, the available jobs, and how to get from point A to point Z, just follow along.

How To Become a Radiation Therapist – You Must Have The Mindset!

A Radiation Therapist Job can be very demanding, physically and mentally, no matter what hospital or cancer treatment center that you work in. At the end of the day you are treating patients with terminal illnesses; it is your job to comfort them and give them the hope that they need to keep persevering.

Make sure that you are emotionally and mentally prepared as this is a critical element for anyone desiring a radiation therapist career. As a self-assessment, you want to be sure that you are up for the task of encouraging patients at all times.

When a patient needs reassurance, when they need their fears calmed, you will need to go beyond the treatment in order to aid them.

You will also be required to help patients with dealing with disabilities and/or those who are unable to motivate on their own. In such instances, you will be required to assist them in getting onto the equipment.

Needless to say, this will likely be a physically demanding task, so make sure you are willing and able to carry out this duty when necessary.

How To Become a Radiation Therapist – You Must Exhibit These Skills!

As you will most likely already know, qualifications aren’t everything in any job. Your personal skills are just as important. To be able to succeed at this job, it is incredibly important that you have all the required skills to be able to do the job well.

Such skills include organization, and timekeeping. These are both key skills that any prime candidate must possess. Organization is important as you will be responsible for managing multiple patients.

That means filling out paperwork for each patient, using various computer applications and juggling visits to the clinic.

Misplacing documents or keying in the wrong information into a computer application can be disastrous. That is why a good organizational system is the key to success.

Time keeping is important as you will need to make sure that all appointments are on-time, and that patients have not been sitting in the waiting room for too long as this can cause stress. Ensuring that you meet all deadlines is incredibly important, not just for you, but for the patients.

How To Become a Radiation Therapist – Qualifications of Technicians

Across the nation, a number of Universities and Colleges offer Radiation Therapy programs. In the process of deciding which school you will commit to, you need to make sure that you choose one of the best colleges or universities for this program.

In life, when speaking about these types of careers, employers seek the cream of the crop. Typically, they start their search with the graduates from the most revered schools.

Your selection will dramatically increase your chances of landing a job as a Radiation Therapist. Additionally, in order to be certified by the ARRT, you do need a college degree. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) website has a page which can help you find the perfect course for you.

How To Become a Radiation Therapist – Work Experience

Improving your Curriculum Vitae will always give the best chance possible at landing the perfect job. If you can get some work experience through your course, or by finding a clinic that will let you shadow a Radiation Therapist; this will improve your chances of getting an interview immediately, as it shows that you already know what to do.

Working as a Radiation Therapist

To work as a Radiation Therapist, you or your employer may require licensing from the ASRT depending on which state you work in. Their website has a list of all requirements for each state, along with contact information to gain licensing if it is required in your state.

You will also need to be certified by the ARRT, this costs $200 for the exam fee. It involves completing certain educational units, and passing a computer based test at an approved testing center.

Once you have completed the certification, you will be able to work at more places than ever before. This has to be done within three years of achieving your degree.

This certification must be renewed annually, for a small fee of $25. This can be done via their website, and you have to carry on adhering to the standard of ethics published on their website in order to remain certified.

Prepping For The Interviews

When you go on job interviews, remember that your first impression will speak volumes concerning your ability to be an asset to a potential employer.

Every step you make prior to your interviews must be construed as preparation that will prepare you to shine head and shoulders above your competition.

That means making sure potential employers see that you have prepared for this career through your schooling, certification, continuing education and internships.

Prior to applying for any position, you need to perform research on all potential employers. Find out the company’s history, their creed, their philosophy and what makes them tick.

Learn their leadership team. When you go on an actual interview, the interviewers should walk away blown away by your preparation, knowledge about their organization and your drive to help them achieve their goals.

They should also see that you are willing to learn, and that you are able to adhere to their standard of health, safety and ethics. This is incredibly important, and will show potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job.

Remember, you are fighting against other candidates for these positions, nothing is guaranteed! Preparing yourself to be the best candidate for the job is one of the primary objectives on how to become a radiation therapist.