Radiation Therapy Jobs! – These Are Awesome High Paying Positions!

Did you know with Radiation Therapy jobs, that opportunities abound? Yes, it is a highly specialized occupation. Yes, it has high standards regarding educational requirements, ethics, licensing, and certification, but it’s worth it!
Radiation Therapy Jobs

Landing any of the high paying radiation therapy jobs can become a cinch once you understand how to outmaneuver the job search competition.

Make no mistake about it, these health care job listings abound.

Due to this demand, staffing has become a primary concern for many employers.

As is stands, recruiters and employment agencies are going to have a tough time finding qualified health care workers who are properly trained, certified and registered.

Radiation Therapy Jobs Are Life Changing Adventures!

If you carefully analyze these heralded positions, here are some of the key points you will come to appreciate.

  • The continuing education associated with this career makes you a vital asset in the ever-changing field of healthcare
  • This position can lead to greater employment opportunities
  • You will be working alongside professional people who value the health and life of others
  • ​You get the gratifying feeling of knowing that you are helping patients recover from their illnesses
  • ​The pay is amazing!

A radiation therapy career is clearly one of the best careers in the medical field.

What Does a Radiation Therapist Do?

Radiation therapists are essential personnel on every health care and wellness team that employs what the medical community classifies as: ionizing radiation. This technology is used as part of the treatment and management process of various health conditions.

During a routine day, radiation therapists are required to operate “State of the art” equipment at an extremely high level of proficiency.

In a brief summation, Radiation Therapy Jobs require trained therapists to administer a dose of radiation prescribed by a physician.

As you can imagine, when it comes to the radiation therapist, lives are at stake and a lot is on the line. This career is really about individuals who want to become true heroes on a daily basis.

Employment in this career field is projected to grow at a much faster rate than the average for all occupations. In terms of the outlook for these high paying positions, potential Radiation Therapist can expect this career field to always be underserved. Meaning, radiation therapy jobs will always be available, mainly because of educational requirements.

What Type Of Education Is Required?

Generally speaking, an Associate’s degree and/or a certificate in radiation therapy is required. However, to be competitive with other Radiation Therapy Job seekers, a Bachelor’s degree has become the standard. In some cases, you can acquire your degree online, however, clinical experience will be required.

Additionally, many states require radiation therapists to be licensed, and duly note, most employers require certification.

For certification, clinical experience will be required. Experience Radiation Therapists are in high demand and can swiftly advance to managerial positions.

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Licensing And Skill Sets

If a Radiation Therapy Job is in your horizons, as part of the continuing education and licensing process, you would do well to take a look at: ASRT, American Society Of Radiologic Technologists and at: ARRT, American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Both of these organizations serve the community of Radiologic Technologists, to make sure that they constantly meet the recognized national standard for radiation therapy professionals.

Due to the nature of the work involved, Radiation Therapy Jobs require excellent conversation and communication skills. As you can imagine, therapists spend a great deal of time interacting with cancer patients.

Which means they must be empathetic to those who are ill and be able to effectively communicate with patients at all times.

This empathetic care mindset is essential in helping each patient recover. Suffice it to say that Radiation Therapy Jobs are specialized positions in more ways than one. Now, you can see why this career field is in such a high demand and why it pays so much.

Work Schedule

Unlike health care workers in all most all other facets of medicine, Radiation therapists typically work a forty-hour work week – during normal business hours, much like a regular 9 to 5 job.

Of course, because emergencies can happen, some Radiation Therapists are chosen to be on call, but that is certainly not the norm. In addition to the regular hours, you can expect full medical, dental and vision benefits, along with 401k programs and bonuses.

Moreover, because these are considered prestigious positions,you can expect a benefits package that includes ample paid days off.