Future Students – Your Medical Career Awaits!

Greetings, future students, your medical career awaits you! If no one has told you, the healthcare field is ever-expanding. Whether your aspirations are becoming an MD, an X Ray Technician, a Dosimetrist, a heart surgeon, or a Radiation Technician, you are always needed.
future students

As future students, one of the biggest decisions that you will likely make in your life focuses on your career choice. The wrong decision will thrust you into the ranks of the chronically unemployed and underemployed.

There are certain fields that are whittling away as time progresses. You want to avoid such fields.

If the healthcare field is your choice, you have made a great decision! Here are some of the top careers that are not a doctor, physician or nurse:

Future Students Of Radiation Therapy School

Are you looking to climb the ladder of success in a technological, scientific, and mathematically stimulating career? That being the case, you should consider becoming a Radiation Therapist.

For those who love challenges, enrolling in a radiation therapy school is a sure-fire way of accomplishing your career goals. Radiation Therapy is a job for future students who are adept at handling pressures daily, and not flinching.

Responsibilities of a Radiation Therapist

  • Operating radiation equipment (dangerous)
  • Keeping records of all the treatments
  • Explain the process and answer any queries that the patient may have
  • Keep a close check on the patient during the treatment to make sure they do not have any reactions

Skills Required

  • A radiation therapist’s primary job is dealing with various scientific based machines; consequently, they will need to be great at understanding and operating complex technologies.
  • They need to be a people’s person. As the therapist will be dealing with a lot of different patients with different characteristics, it is a must that they know how to address them and communicate with them.
  • In this occupation, one mistake can lead to an even bigger mistake, which can impact the patient. This is why a radiation therapist needs to pay attention to every single detail and make sure everything is in order.
  • They must have good stamina. The job requires long hours standing up and walking around. Which is why the men and women in this vocation should be in relatively good health.

Being a radiation therapist is a fulfilling job and you get the chance to help a lot of people get better. It is also a great paying job and as a growing field, many opportunities are available.

Future Students Of Medical Dosimetry School

This is probably one of the best medical careers that one can enter – in terms of becoming classified as an MD. Future students need to be advised, enrolling in a medical dosimetry school is not an easy task.

The schools who have this program will tell you that the enrollment requirements are rigorous! One must not only be eager to learn, they must be able handle calculus, algebra and other tough mathematical calculations.

Dosimetry Students will be exposed to a wide range of subjects to ensure that they are up to speed concerning this intelligence quota field.

Educationally, you should opt to obtain a bachelor’s degree versus obtaining an Associate’s Degree; this is a requirement for this vocation.

Upon graduation, you will need to obtain certain certifications and in some states, a license prior to being classified as a Medical Dosimetrist. Regarding the salary, a Dosimetrist can earn in the top tier of medical professionals.

Skills Required

  • Be firm in your written and oral communication, as you will be dealing with a lot of patients who will have concerns that you must address.
  • You will need to be quick at making decisions as you will be the one to decide the type of treatment a person needs based on their symptoms.
  • Being quick at solving problems is a must. Remember, these patients need your education, skill sets and brain power if they are to get better.
  • Strong technical skills are a must. The technology you will be required to work with technology that looks like it was invented in the year 2035. In other words, you will be dealing with some of the most advanced technology known to man.

The learning curve to become a Medical Dosimetrist is arduous. Meaning, you need to research this career field prior to taking the entry steps. Are you going to be willing to commit to all the educational requirements?

What about the certification? How good are you at science? The human anatomy? Math? These are areas that you must be excellent in; average, simply won’t cut it when it comes to Dosimetry.

Needless to say, becoming an MD will open a lot of doors for you, in addition to gaining the respect of your peers and colleagues.

Future Students Of X-Ray Technician School

Another great option for you which has a high job growth and a lot of career opportunities is an x ray Technician. If you enroll in an X-ray technician school, you can expect to see numerous job opportunities upon graduation.

Look at the facts, an x ray technician is required by virtually every hospital. Without x rays, doctors would be forced to cut patients open in order to determine what is going on. Consequently, an x ray test is carried out on almost every patient.

Educational Time Requirements

Becoming an X-ray technician is one of the best options for you if you want to enter into the healthcare field in a short span of time versus the time it takes for some of the other medical careers.

An X-ray technician can complete their program within 12 months. They can quickly earn a very respectable living – as they have vast knowledge on operating new X-ray machines.

Skills Required

  • You will need to have a keen eye for detail
  • An X-ray technician needs to be precise
  • Technical know how to deal with x-ray technology

Future Students Of Radiology School

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in radiology, we encourage you to do so. Students who have enrolled in radiology schools have not regretted their decision at all. The best part is that you have incredible career growth in radiology.

Job Requirements

You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in this field to be able to land a good job in a reputable hospital. If you are looking for an opportunity as a supervisor of diagnostic imaging, you might consider doing your master’s in this field.

You can acquire various certifications in radiology, which will afford you healthy job growth. These medical careers offer excellent career growth, both laterally and vertically. You will never regret your decision to pursue any of them.