Medical Dosimetrist Salary – The Career And Income Looks Great!

Wondering about the Medical Dosimetrist Salary? If so, we can tell you that this career and salary looks terrific. Of course, with this career, the hard work, the schooling, the licensing, and the certifications all pay off.
Medical Dosimetrist Salary

What is the Medical Dosimetrist salary? And, why should you care? In most cases, today, when a savvy person is considering a specific career field, they start by vetting the pay scale information.

In the United States, they want to know such things as the starting annual salary, the median salary, as well as the average salary after a certain number of years on the job. They also consider benefits, and perks and if there are any special compensation packages.

They want to know what they are getting into in terms of what the job requires and what it will pay. This vital information empowers them to make an informed decision.

Savvy people make sure that the demands of the job are commensurate with the pay. They also research to see what the job market will be like when they complete their schooling, certification and licensing. This is called, performing your due diligence.

If you are seeking information on the Medical Dosimetrist Salary, that means you are preparing for a rewarding career filled with stringent demands.

This vocation can aptly be described as an extremely demanding vocation that requires a tremendous amount of education, extensive training, several certifications as well as being licensed and board certified.

With this position, there is little room for error or mistakes, consequently, one would expect a rewarding salary, and they will not be disappointed.

The Medical Dosimetrist Salary

Remember, the salary one earns depends on the quality and level of their education. Of course, when it comes to the medical field, seeking entry into one of the prestigious medical schools is the road to take.

Graduates from certain medical schools get the red carpet rolled out to them upon graduation. Students from Ivy League schools and other prestigious schools are literally lionized!

Another important point to consider is the type of degree you present to employers. In this position, it will likely be a rare occasion to find an employer who will hire someone with an Associate’s Degree.

If you are seeking to become a Medical Dosimetrist, you need to set your sights on a Bachelor’s Degree.

Nationally, the average starting Medical Dosimetrist salary ranges between $62,000 and $84,000. Remember, if you only have an associate’s degree, and no experience, you may be earning slightly less than the average.

The figures above are reflective of someone with a Bachelor’s Degree. Duly note, the payscale will vary depending on the state you are working in.

For instance, is Louisville, Kentucky, the average salary is roughly $95,000, which is good, but not quite as high as other states. In Lanham, Maryland, the average salary is $108,848. This is almost $15,000 higher than in Kentucky.

Two important issues to point out. First, those salaries are for individuals with experience. In this career field, with experience, your earning power increases dramatically. The second point is, the economic factor.

The cost of living is less in Kentucky than it is in Maryland. The point being, if you want to maximize your salary, you may want to think about relocating.

To Move Or Not To Move? That Is The Question

If the thought of moving for a job sounds unbearable, you might want to start seeing the bigger picture! People move all the time – for the right job offer. If you are offered a dream position, in another state, your move doesn’t have to be permanent.

You can always save and invest, and then move back to your hometown when the timing is right. By that time, you should have gained experience as well as established a sterling track record.

The other issue that can impact your salary and career trajectory are lateral opportunities. These are opportunities that branch of the standard path of a Dosimetrist, even though the person is trained as a Dosimetrist.

An example would be working at a College, University or a private company such a Landauer. Take a look at the below salaries.

  • Self Regional Healthcare – $105,000
  • 21st Century Oncology – $100,050
  • Ohio University – $84,625
  • Landauer – $88,910

Of course, that is only four examples, but the point is, with Dosimetrist’s training, one has more options available to them in terms of career paths.

Certified Medical Dosimetrist

The coveted distinction for a Dosimetrists is the CMD, the Certified Medical Dosimetrist Certification. This certification, per the MDCB, the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board, must be acquired by the potential Dosimetrists in order to be validated as a profession in the science of dosimetry.