Dosimetry Jobs – What Does It Take To Land These Dream Positions?

If you’re wondering about Dosimetry Jobs, and what it takes to land your dream career, look no further. In this brief tutorial, we’re going to cover what it takes for you to here, “You’re Hired!” Keep reading…
Dosimetry Jobs

There are two routes that people can take as an entry point into the world of dosimetry. Upon completing the stated requirements, they will then qualify for and be able to apply for any of the available dosimetry jobs.

Both paths center around the MDCB, Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board. They are organization responsible for administering the exam that leads to the CMD Certified Medical Dosimetrist Certification.

Dosimetry Jobs Start And End With a Tough Certification

This exam is no walk in the park. Per the MDCB, they have a three-attempt rule that has harsh consequences if a candidate fails for a third time.

At that point they cannot attempt a retake for two calendar years. The message is crystal clear, do not attempt to take this exam unless you are thoroughly prepared.

Once the two-year waiting period has expired, the candidate is allowed to submit a new application, but they must meet all of the current criteria of that time before they can test. The eligibility to take the CMD exam through 2017 is as follows;

The 1st Route To Certified Medical Dosimetrist Certification And Dosimetry Jobs

Candidates have two requirements. They must have a Bachelor’s Degree. It goes without saying that said degree must be from an accredited college or university.

That must be stated because it has become a common problem for individuals to seek degrees from questionable schools under the belief that no one will detect that their degree is deemed worthless by various legitimate colleges and universities.

Additionally, these suspect degrees are not recognized by employers. To be crystal clear, your degree MUST come from a properly accredited college/university.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in hand, the candidate must then graduate from an accredited JRCERT Medical Dosimetry program that is at least twelve months in duration.

The 2nd Route To Certified Medical Dosimetrist Certification And Dosimetry Jobs

Candidates will need to present one of the three: a Bachelor’s Degree, or a Bachelor of Science Degree, or ARRT Registry. Plus, they must have completed a minimum of thirty-six months of clinical medical dosimetry experience.

That means they must sit under the tutelage of a physicist or a certified Medical Dosimetrist. After all of that, they must have completed 24 continuing education credits that must be approved by the MDCB, and these credits must be completed during the thirty-six months of clinical medical dosimetry experience.

The Exam Test And Score

The exams are administered by Prometric. The exam is a “Pass” or “Fail.” Consequently, actual scores will never be provided. That stated, candidates will receive the results provided by Prometric approximately six weeks after the exam. The notification process is via email.

In terms of a system to verify and confirm scores, the MDCB has implemented a three-prong process to insure the integrity of the scoring system. Each exam is scored at the test center.

Next, the tests are scored at the Prometric data center. And, finally by an independent Prometric statistical system. This three-prong approach ensures that all candidates can be confident in the Prometric scoring system.

In the event where a candidate questions their score, they can request a score confirmation, no more than thirty days after scores are posted. There is a 250.00 fee for this confirmation.

Prior to making any moves, it is an imperative necessity that all candidates read and comprehend the, “MDCB Applicant Handbook.” This vital resource covers in detail, the applicant’s responsibilities, the deadlines pertaining to the application process, as well as the required documentation.

We repeat, DO NOT proceed forward until and unless you have read and completely understand the contents in that handbook. If not, you will only dream of obtaining any of the high paying dosimetry jobs.

Once a candidate finalizes the mandated eligibility requirements, they can fill out the examination application, pay the application fee and set their examination date. Duly note; there are practice tests as well and exam tutorials.

Once a person completes the mandatory educational requirements, meets the clinical medical dosimetry experience, and passes the CMD exam, only then can they start seeking Dosimetry Jobs.