X Ray Jobs Are Plentiful In This Ever Expanding Healthcare Field!

If you are wondering about X Ray Jobs, just know that positions are plentiful in this ever expanding healthcare field. It goes without saying, the education, training, and certification for these types of careers is strenuous to say the least.
X Ray Jobs

X Ray Jobs, Radiologic Technologist jobs, and jobs for Radiation Therapists, will abound for two simple reasons.

Number one, hospitals, cancer treatment centers, private practices and patients will always require x-ray services.

Number two, this is not one of those fields one can walk into without any education or training. The x ray technician requirements are extremely demanding. So much so, that many potential students shy away from the rigorous x ray programs.

That stated, here are some of the various types of positions that are available. Keep in mind, this is the short list, there are many other x-ray positions and related positions.

X Ray Jobs Abound

In brief, we are going to examine some of the most prominent x ray jobs. As you will learn, all of these positions can lead to advancement within this niche. They also can lead to other high paying careers in the medical field. That being stated, let’s examine the various x ray jobs.

X-Ray Technician

An X-Ray Technician is a great job with plenty of room for promotion. To become an x-ray technician, you’ll need to get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Radiology, and become licensed by the ARRT.

This can take a fair amount of time, but the average salary for x-ray technicians is around $55,000 – so let’s just say it’s worth it! Your salary can go up to $100,000 depending on where you work, and how experienced and skilled you are.

X-Ray Engineer

This position is mainly focused on creating, manufacturing and maintaining the technology used to perform x-rays. You may also be required to maintain the correct running of any radiation systems within a hospital or clinic. Tasks such as replacing worn out parts in equipment.

As you can imagine this is skilled position; hence, engineers earn a huge salary, and work great hours. Typically, these engineers work a standard 40-hour work week.

These positions require lots of certifications and OEM training to work with the required radiation equipment. The starting salary is around $50,000. Once you’re skilled, six figures is reachable.

X-Ray Medical Assistant

This position is classified as an entry level position; it gets one into the medical career field employment ladder. As such, you might not be earning much, but you’ll be gaining a whole lot of valuable experience, which will allow you to get a better job later.

You’ll be helping x-ray technicians to take clear medical images using x-ray machines, CT scanners and MRI scanners. You may be helping patients get into the perfect position, as well as helping them up onto the bed of the MRI scanner.

x ray jobs plentiful
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X-Ray Devices Technician

An X-Ray Devices Technician’s job is to make sure that all x-ray equipment is safe to use and is working properly. It’s a skilled job, which means the salary is nice.

There is quite a high demand for X-Ray Devices Technician’s, as the industry is ever-growing. If you believe that you can learn and then become skilled at fixing today’s technology, as well as, can work with powerful, dangerous equipment, then this job is for you.

You’ll need a lot of training and certification, but there will always be work available for x-ray devices technicians.

Dental X-Ray Technician

These technicians are classified as specialists because they must be experts with dental x-rays. In many states, a dental x-ray certificate will be required. You may also be required to pass the CDA Certified Dental Assistant Exam.

This is another career path that requires some serious reflection and thought prior to making an educational commitment.

Due to the educational prerequisites, the schooling, the exams and certifications, one should examine all the mandatory requirements before deciding to go down this path.

Regardless of which of the x-ray jobs you choose, you’ll love it. There are many positions available, providing that you meet the X-Ray Technician Requirements, as well as meet the other qualifications and skill sets.

If so, you’ll be able to walk right into them. If you want to work in an ever-expanding field, that is only going to keep expanding, working with x-rays is for you.

Your work place options are plentiful; from hospitals, to dental practices, to cancer treatment centers and more. If you have the educations, skills, and qualifications, the sky is the limit.