Warning – X Ray Tech School Students Do Not Skip This Evaluation Process!

Warning to all future X Ray Tech School Students, heed this alert! Be cautious and wary of schools that promote themselves as being accredited when they are not. It is an unfortunate offense that could cost you money, time, and accreditation.
X Ray Tech School

Can all schools, colleges and universities be trusted? Before you answer, meditate on this perspective. The process to become an X Ray Technician begins by finding the properly accredited X Ray Tech School.

On the surface, finding such an educational institution seems like a walk in the park. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

As a potential student, you should never assume any college, university, school or educational institution is legitimate. No matter how impressive things look on the surface, perform your due diligence.

Concerning X Ray Tech School Enrollment - You MUST CYA Cover Your Anatomy

Every year, thousands of students awaken to a nightmare. How would you feel upon learning that your degree, college credits and time spent studying was worth nothing? How so? By enrolling in a school rift in deceit. Case in point is the ITT Tech debacle.

ITT Technical Institute Looked Remarkable On The Surface

To the students who eventually enrolled in ITT Tech, this school seemed legitimate. They were operating 130 campuses across the nation. At the time that they announced they were shutting down, they had roughly 45,000 students and 8000 employees.

They average person looked at those statistics and the sheer number of people involved and said, “That is impressive!” Unfortunately, the impressive thing is how ITT Technical perpetrated this fraud for so long.

Let’s look at the most incriminating fact; they were forced to shut down by the Feds.

United States Department of Education Forces ITT To Close

The Feds, being the United States Department of Education, barred the “For Profit” institute from receiving federal financial aid. What did that ominous move mean?

It meant that students could no longer receive Pell Grants or student loans to pay for their education at ITT Technical Institute. In addition to that harsh sanction, they had already come under state scrutiny.

They were facing various legal actions. They were being sued by the US Securities Exchange Commission as well as by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If things could not have gotten worse, they did! Their accrediting agency, ACICS, The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, felt the full wrath of the NACIQI, The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity

The NACIQI is the Federal panel charged with overseeing the multitude of accrediting agencies. The NACIQI recommended to the US Board of Education that the ACICS be terminated as an accrediting agency.

ACICS is an accreditor for a swath of “For Profit” schools that have extremely bad reputations. Here is a partial list of colleges they accredited, that have all failed.

  • Corinthian Colleges
  • FastTrain College
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Michigan Jewish Institute

Why X Ray Tech School Students Must Investigate Every School, University And College

This next point is in the form of a question! Why didn’t these 45,000 plus students, who have been essentially left in the lurch, find any of this out prior to enrolling? This was not some lightning strike that no one could see coming.

This can be described as a slow-moving train wreck that could be telegraphed three thousand miles away. Despite the warning signs, individuals flocked to ITT Technical Institute.

Why? Because they failed to perform their due diligence. Although this school seemed to be beaming with success, a careful review would have quickly uncovered these hidden issues:

  • Aggressive Recruiting Tactics
  • Credits Were Not And Are Non-Transferable
  • Grade Inflation
  • High Dropout Rates
  • High Percentage of Revenue Derived From Government Subsidies
  • Low Loan Repayment Percentages
  • Suspect Accreditation

Any one of these disturbing factors would have been detected by prospective students. But! Only if they were willing and determined to vet potential schools in order to make a qualified determination to enroll or not to enroll.

The key issue here is departing from the norm. People, generally speaking, are trusting. That is a great character trait, but not in circumstances such as selecting an X Ray Tech School. Or, for any college for that matter.

Keep in mind, the majority of students will be applying for student loans. This money will need to be paid back and there is no other option.

If you attend or graduate from a school that has accreditation issues, legal issue from current and/or past students, issues with the Board of Education, and/or issues with being identified as a, “Diploma Mill” you will still be “legally compelled” to pay those student loans back.

The only way you will receive some type of a legal reprieve instituted through the Board Of Education, but that is a rarity.

Finding An X Ray Tech School

In your search to find a reputable, respected and accredited X Ray Tech School, never forget these facts. It is relatively easy for legitimate looking schools to be teeming with internal issues and rift with legal problems.

Certain students from ITT Technical Institute are just learning that their credits are not transferable. All of that time they spent studying was wasted.

The only shimmering light of this debacle is that their student loans (in this case) may likely be discharged. But, that is not guaranteed.

Your quest for the right school should start with an intense vetting of all potential schools no matter how many students they have.

No matter what their advertising says, you vet them! The question was, “Can all colleges, universities and schools be trusted? The answer is, they cannot be trusted until “YOU” prove that they are legitimate and worthy of your enrollment.

Heed this warning, “When seeking an X Ray Tech School, do not skip the evaluation process.”