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The Official Guide To Radiation Therapy Schools

We make choosing the best career and school for you surprisingly easy. Our comprehensive list of radiation
therapist occupations and educational institutions will get you moving in the right direction.


Learn admission criteria and guidelines, application dates and deadlines and any particulars to assist in your decision making.


What can you expect while in radiation therapy school classes? You can expect oncology, anatomy, patient care and more.


This vocation is comprised of health care professionals who are compensated well after dedicating their lives to helping others.

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Radiation Therapist Salary
and Educational Requirements

Are you in the process of examining and screening radiation therapy schools? Are you trying to determine if this vocation is for you? Are you wondering which school is best to bolster your career? Let’s examine the facts, figures and the future. Healthcare is being completely transformed by a medical treatment known as Radiation Therapy. It has become one of the most prevalent forms of treatment for individuals battling cancer.

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Healthcare Professionals Needed!

Radiation Therapy Schools,
Graduate Salaries
And Available Jobs

Honestly, few people in the medical field anticipated this void. It was widely assumed that there would be a large influx of students enrolling in Radiation Therapy Schools, receiving their certification and then making their way into careers that were professionally rewarding. However, that hasn’t happened thus far.

Why aren’t more qualified men and women looking into this gratifying field? A lot has to do with misinformation concerning a radiation therapy career.

First and foremost, acquiring a radiation therapy certification is not for those who do not value education.

The educational requirements are tough, but as with anything of value, the reward far exceeds the time, money and effort one would need to put forth. The misinformation surfaces when potential students are convinced that this is just another boring job, not worth the educational investment.

Nothing could be farther o the truth! Another aspect of misinformation is the time required to become certified. Typically, an Associate’s Degree, (which you can acquire in two years) will provide you with the schooling you need to become certified. As a result, you don’t need to spend four years preparing for your career.

Nevertheless, as with most medical careers, there will be CE, Continuing Education that you may be required to participate in. But, that is par for the course in this career path. Duly note: there are some programs that allow students to get certified in 1-year, but they are not really recommended.

Another aspect of misinformation concerning radiation therapy careers, is the rumors that there are no jobs available. One only needs to peruse jobs sites such as: Indeed.com, Linkedin.com, Monster.com, Simplyhired.com, Careerbuilder.com, Beyond.com as well as other employment websites. As you will learn, there is an endless list of openings.

The final aspect of misinformation relates to the pay. Like any other source of distorted truth, it is hard to determine where these low paying rumors started.

Let’s take a closer look at certified therapists and what their average earnings are.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
For Radiation Therapists

Radiation Therapy Schools

Source: United States Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Last Modified Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

What Is The Average Pay For Radiation Therapists?

It is fairly common for certified and skilled Radiation Therapists to earn around $90K per year.  That isn’t too bad when you consider the fact that many radiation therapist schools only take one or two years to complete. The 1-year programs provide graduates with a diploma or certificate, while 2-year programs result in students earning an associate’s degree in addition to being certified.  

Although certification is not required, Certified Radiation Therapists are really preferred by employers. You will be well on your way after you have passed a recognized national exam that verifies your professional knowledge and skills. 

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is the most widely recognized of all the certifying bodies. Their certification system is very straightforward.  In order to become certified by this body, a radiation therapist will be required to meet clinical competency and education standards that the ARRT has set.

In the overall scheme of things, all the quality Radiation Therapy Schools start to prepare you for easily getting through the exam from the first day you start to take their classes. There are basically two major ways that this highly prized certification can be obtained. One of the two following criteria must be met by radiation therapists in order to qualify to sit for the certifying body’s national exam. 

  1. An accredited training program must have been completed by the applicant.
  2. The applicant must have worked full time for at least two years as a Radiation Therapist.

What Is The Current Employment Outlook For Individuals Who Graduate From One of The Top Radiation Therapy Schools?

It has been projected that employment for radiation therapists will grow by an amazing twenty-seven percent starting with the year 2008 through the year 2018. Those statistics come directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is one conclusion that these statistics directly point to: which is that the demand for the career field of radiation therapy is growing much more rapidly than the average growth for most other occupations.

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What Do Radiation Therapists Do?

What radiation therapists do is work in conjunction with radiologist
to provide patients with restorative therapy strategies. The
following is what their job description tends to look like:

Patient Care

Answer all patient questions that relate to radiology

Equipment Upkeep

Maintain radiology equipment in good working order

More Patient Care

Watch out for patient safety at all times.

Monitor Patients

Document and observe how patients react to their treatments


Follow all safety regulations that relate to radiation exposure

Emotional Support

Monitor the emotional state of the patient

Radiation treatment is administered to patients by radiation therapists in accordance with the instructions and guidance provided by radiologists and oncologists. The teams work together closely with cancer patients, to get them prepared for therapy in addition to keeping track of both their mental and physical development following therapy.

Radiation therapists identify and find growths, update and maintain treatment records and calculate the amount of radiation. Most important of all, they comply with all regulated specifications when it comes to safeguarding patients as well as providers from excessive dosages of radiation.

The position of Certified Radiation Therapist is a fast-growing career field with expanding job opportunities, high salaries and rewarding careers. To start your medical career, you must first find one of Radiation Therapy Schools and talk to admissions.

Radiation Therapist Latest News

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Which Are The Best Radiation Therapy Schools?

It’s basic human nature to desire the best of the best; particularly when referring to jobs, schools and careers. Which are the best Radiation Therapy Schools? We’ll be presenting our takes in this section, very soon!

Labouré College Radiation Therapy School
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Labouré College Student

Radiation Therapy Student, Melissa, attended Labouré College, today, she shares her touching and funny story about patient care, technology and choosing a great Radiation Therapy School.

A great Radiation Therapy School makes a MAJOR difference in your career path. You want a school that can put you in a hospital so that you can learn hands on. Of course, that is only one criteria, but it is a crucial one!