The ASRT – American Society of Radiologic Technologists Are Winners!

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ASRT – The American Society of Radiologic Technologists

These days, nearly every organization’s name is shortened down into acronyms, which can make it very hard to understand what they are, and what they do. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists, or ASRT for short, helps ensure that every Radiologic Technologist has the education, and skills that they need in order to excel at their job.

What is the ASRT mission? They are officially described as a membership association for RAD Techs. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists helps ensure that all RAD Technologists are well educated in their specific fields through the use of continuing education. They are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico – however, they operate over many states.

What Are Radiologic Technologists?

A Radiologic Technologist isn’t a specific job role; it is more of an umbrella term which covers many different job roles. When you hear somebody mention the term “Radiologic Technologist” – they are referring to the vast range of jobs available in the radiation industry.

RAD Techs work in Hospitals usually, however, they may work in other settings, such as private clinical facilities.

These men and women keep the ASRT running, and in turn, they help ensure that those men and women are successful within their job roles.

They make it simple to partake in their continuing education programs, and will help you along the way to getting into your new career if you are still a student.

Who Does The ASRT Represent?

As the ASRT is a membership organization, they represent all of their members. Their members consist of Radiologic Technologists, who all work in very different job roles.

Although all of these job roles fit under the umbrella term of “Radiologic Technologist” – their day to day duties are very different. For instance, their members may work in a variety of different imaging areas:


Bone Densitometry: These Technologists use certain types of x-ray equipment to calculate the bone mineral density of a specific area. This allows them to get the data that they need to calculate the whole body mineral density value.

This can be used to track the amount of bone loss, and can also calculate the exact risk of fracture.

Computer Tomography: Many RAD Technologists work in this sector, and they use another type of special x-ray equipment known as a CT scanner, which obtains images of “slices” of the body, and then re-assembles these slices, to give the Technologist a full image of the body. Before Computer Tomography, this was not possible.
As we are in the digital area, this sector is always growing, and more Computer Tomographer’s are joining this amazing organization every year.
Magnetic Resonance: Magnetic Resonance technologists undertake MRI Scans on patients, this is where a strong magnetic field is subjected upon the patien

This causes the atoms to move out of place, once the magnet is turned off – the atoms move back. The changes in movement are recorded by a computer and can be used to generate an image of their body.

How To Become a Member?

To join ASRT, you must be a registered Radiologic Technologist. This means that you must have passed certification by the ARRT, and you should have also completed a degree course.

That’s not all though; to carry on your ASRT membership, you must meet the CE requirements. This means that you must continue your education while working, in order to remain a member of the prestigious ASRT.

This can easily be done, though! The ASRT Board of Directors and CEO have assembled a wide variety of online courses that you can work through, which allows you to earn your continuing education points.

ASRT Foundation

The ASRT also runs a foundation program, which aims to support medical imaging and radiologic technologists as they study to progress into their career. They believe that running this program will help ensure that radiation therapy will be as safe as possible.

All money raised through this foundation is invested into innovating upon already successful radiation technologies, such as the creation of new machines – that are better than ever before.

This helps ensure that Radiation Therapy is as safe, and successful as it possibly can be; all thanks to the help of the ASRT.